Signs of Children Addicted to Online Gambling

In this era, people addicted to online gambling has become more and more endemic in people’s lives. Some people gamble for a living. Meanwhile, for other people, gambling is a way of life.

The time people spend gambling varies. Some are only a few times a day. Others spend hours or even days.

The more sites on the internet, the more they offer types of online gambling games. Call it bacarrat, qq poker, hk live draw , eSport and others. This makes gambling lovers free to choose which type they will use as a gambling area.

Signs of a Child Addicted to Online Gambling

As parents we must be good at reading the movements of our children. We must be sensitive to read whether our children are involved in an online gambling or not. This is of course so that we can control our children, not to get further involved in things that we don’t want.

Here are the signs that our children are addicted to online gambling.

First, our children spend a long time playing an online game. It is natural for a child to play games on the sidelines of learning time and other positive activities.

However, if the child has spent a lot of time even almost no time to study, we must be aware of this.

The second sign, the child forgets to bathe and eat Fun playing games to forget about eating and bathing, could be a sign that our child has become a game addict.

The third sign, the child is not enthusiastic about taking care of school work or assignments from school. the children began to often ignore everything related to school.

The fourth sign, the child begins to get into trouble with finances. Teenagers who have started getting involved with online gambling will certainly start to have financial problems. For example, children will start asking for more snacks, or start to dare to borrow money from friends.

Causes of Online Gambling Addiction

No one can explain why children can become addicts. However, some experts conclude that it all happened because of the increased levels of Dopamine.  

The neurotransmitter dopamine, is a substance that works in the brain. This substance is released from the human brain when humans perform various fun activities.

Some experts say that children who often play games or are addicts are more prone to psychiatric disorders than those who do not play games often. They could conclude that game addicts also have mental / psychological problems. This is what causes them to make the game an escape.

Therapy For Online Gambling Addicts

The most effective way to free yourself from this addiction is detoxification. The realization is to keep the addict away from computers or laptops or cellphones, which are often addicts struggling to play online gambling.

This makes them really will not come into contact with the name online gambling games.

Some experts recommend a cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy is considered to be the ideal treatment for someone who is already addicted to online gambling.

The way this therapy works is to divert the addict’s mind towards a healthier and better direction. This is very effective to do. Because according to experts, the mindset of these addicts tends to be unhealthy and irrational.

Therapy begins with identifying the addict’s thoughts. Then focus on the thoughts that trigger the chain of addiction. This is where the toughest times for these addicts because their minds have to make a transition. This method will work if done together with other addicts

Gays, gambling in any form can be addictive.

If you have to play games, be good at measuring yourself. Make the game just an entertainment. Because it will be dangerous if you make the game as a friend all the time.

You can just become an online gambling addict.

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