Civet coffee is very famous and also known as an expensive coffee. There are many countries nowadays produce civet coffee including Indonesia which coffee is spread out across its provinces and regencies. Kepahiang as one of Indonesia’s regency is also focusing its development in expanding civet coffee.

Civet coffee called kopi luwak in Indonesian language is a ripe chosen coffee eaten by the civet from its trees and having fermented inside the civets’ stomach for about eight to twelve hours. The feces from the civets are still in a form of coffee originally, hence, the civets are only swallow/eat the sweet taste which covering the coffee, the bark of the coffee is not being eaten as well but peeling through civet’s side mouth. Civets only swallow the seed of coffee and going through its feces afterward still in the same shape.

The enzymatic fermentation inside the civets’ stomach gives a special taste to the civet coffee which more tasty and different from regular/other types of coffee. It also makes civet coffee having low caffeine and very useful to strengthen stamina, having a specific aroma, more aromatic and taste more delicious.