Darksiders Genesis Game Review: A Description About New Fresh Atmosphere

Darksiders Genesis game review comes with something different from before. This Playstation 4 game, which revolves around the intrigue and manipulation of various characters, is very interesting to play. You can try playing this game to fill your free time in a way that feels different. every battle that this game presents will provide an extraordinary experience so you want to keep playing it.

Darksiders Genesis Game Review Tells About Brilliant Heaven and Hell Battle Story

Darksiders Genesis game review tells about the game that has an exciting battle story that is a pity to miss. The story in this game starts from the Eden war which has ended after the apocalypse. It is said that Humans are placed in a new world to start a new life that is much more peaceful than before. The four Horsemen of Apocalypse must bring balance to the universe.

All the peace and balance of the universe is threatened by the appearance of the demon king known as Lucifer. The Demon Lord has a plan to teach the balance of the world to gain power. Knowing this, the horsemen who are on the balance bridge will not standstill. These troops try their best to stop Lucifer.

Darksiders Genesis game review describes some offers the Heaven and Hell story interestingly. Severe horsemen can’t fight Lucifer at full strength because Death and Fury are being assigned elsewhere. All that’s left is Strife and War. The two of them must work together to defeat Lucifer. With the opposite nature of the two, it is very difficult to work together. Even so, they need help to defeat Lucifer.

The battle will be even more interesting because the two must seize the power to unite together with Samael to get greater strength. Yet Lucifer also has strong followers. You will enjoy a pleasant sensation when you hunt for Lucifer who is hiding behind his followers. to win this game you must be able to face the obstacles that exist.

New Gameplay Explained In The Darksiders Genesis Game Review

Darksiders Genesis game review will inform a new gameplay system. You will find a gameplay system that switches to isometric plus ARPG. With this new system, you will no longer find third-person actions like the previous series. But you can still enjoy hack and slash with tons of brutal combos presented more simply. You can use different skills and elements on the weapons you have so that they can be adapted to your playing style.

You also have to increase the skills you have to strengthen your character and provide new combatants. With better combat sword skills you can use both melees and ranged attacks. You can attach the weapons of each character to elements with different skills. All the elements that you use also have a big advantage against certain enemies.

Darksiders Genesis game review elucidates the players about a simple gameplay. You can access various kinds of tree skills and won’t be denser than the previous series. You can even use two different characters throughout the game. This will certainly provide a more varied combat gameplay experience than the previous series. Various kinds of abilities and special elements can be unlocked as you progress.

You can also use the Chaos Form when you need it for a variety of pressing conditions when the enemy is blocking. With an interesting row of bosses, you will need a lot of skills to win the battle. Supported by a cool design, the bosses present will be very interesting to beat. You can guess the strategy the sailors have, making it easier to beat.

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Darksiders Genesis Game Review Illustrates Maximum Co-op Features

Darksiders Genesis game review illustrates some equipped with a co-op feature that can be accessed by 2 players in this game. This is of course different from the previous series which can only be played in single-player mode. This feature can improve your experience playing online and offline with the existing split screen. The split-screen feature is an advantage of this game because not all games provide a split-screen. With this feature, you can communicate directly with friends or relatives who are near us.

Darksiders Genesis game review also exposing a soundtrack that feels right with the atmosphere. The presence of audio that matches the feel of the game can build an atmosphere that feels more intimate. The team of composers can do their job well so that you will be buzzing about Epic’s scorching songs. This audio can strengthen the atmosphere of the game so that you will never feel bored during a fight.

What else is interesting? This game is equipped with a visualization that is more refined than the previous version. You will enjoy the visual quality that can spoil the eyes through the various effects that are presented. Visual details such as particles and textures will look more focused and clear on the monitor screen you have. You will also find battle effects that can be executed better.

With Unreal Engine 4, all visual details can be presented solidly. You will feel that every fight that exists looks more colourful and also cool. You can also see all these details in the existing map designs. From a point of view from above the design looks more in tune with the Visual art style that is carried. All of these aspects can blend and combine to produce a game display that is too bad to miss the point that you will enjoy heaven and hell-style battles in a different and newer way.

Game Details

Developer: Airship Syndicate
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Platform: Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: 14 February 2020
Price: $ 40 at the PlayStation Store

-Colourful and cool
-Stunning design
-A visual presentation of the fighting effects comes with a slick execution
-More detailed design
-Offline split screen feature

-Technical problems such as bugs
-Less interesting story
-Rendering is only a motion picture, not cinematic cut-scenes.

Visual: 85%
Performance: 85%
Story: 80%
Audio: 80%
Price: 80%


Darksiders Genesis game review will give many informations about this chalenging game. This play comes with simple gameplay which is suitable to be played to fill your spare time. As a game that is very fun to play, you will enjoy a different experience than before.

With fresher isometric art, you will enjoy more optimal combat. Complete with adequate visual and audio layouts, this game has a new, more interesting taste. So you can feel the excitement for hours while playing this game. Just try to fill your free time with this game so you will feel your time is not wasted.

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