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Beware Online Poker Can Ruin Your Life

Now making money through online media or the internet is getting easier. There are people who rely on their ability to sell skills, such as graphic design, video editors, and writers. Unfortunately, there are also some people who deviate from using the internet to gamble. One of them is looking for benefits from playing online poker games .

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The title “JUDI” will certainly not be a fortune because no player always wins. Instead of dreaming of having a huge fortune from a poker site finally getting into debt. Ironically, many online gambling addicts are forced to enter the bars. The reason is, they do not hesitate to commit crimes in order to fulfill their gambling desires.

What is Online Poker?

Who doesn’t know this online poker form. In ordinary people’s life, poker is a game of playing cards. As information and communication technology develops, it is becoming more and more innovative. As a result, poker games often appear on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and special gambling sites.

Examples of online poker are Link Poker , Bet88, and others. These poker players know no age. Can be done by anyone, such as teenagers, students, employees, and entrepreneurs. Of course, it is done by people who are not supervised by their parents.

Dangers When Addicted to Online Poker


It should be realized that the game of poker has a high level of danger that can damage the teenage generation. Following are the various dangers that threaten online poker addicts. Check this out!

1. Encouraging Crime

Poker sites are considered very dangerous for the younger generation. Especially among children who are not yet able to make money and are still dependent on their parents. In many cases it is found that online gambling addicts do not hesitate to commit crimes.

Real examples include selling valuables at home, stealing property belonging to neighbors and friends, and committing fraud. The proceeds from his crimes are of course used to finance the game of poker.

2. Lazy soul

After playing gambling, money is not only lost but also drains the mind and emotion. Most gamblers play from midnight to early morning. As a result, the level of laziness increases, from lazy to wake up, lazy to work, lazy to take a shower, to lazy to eat. Remember laziness is the end of misery.

Just imagine if you were lazy to study while sitting in college due to playing poker. Less motivation to learn and make it difficult to follow courses. Your academic side will retreat and end up having difficulty completing college. In fact, there are students who quit college because they are addicted to playing poker sites.

Poker seems to sabotage the minds of addicts. Because, when you win it has an addictive effect and when you lose it seems as if you see a greater chance of winning. This is what makes a person forget himself when playing poker and spend money without realizing it.

3. 100% Destroying the Future

Poker site bookies always have a strategy so that the players don’t run away. Look at none of the gambling sites that tell the fate of the players. These sites always hail players’ profits and money. This is the lure that blinds our eyes to destroy the future.

Understand that money earned from poker is haram. Illegal money will definitely create other haram money and your sins will increase. For students who play poker and still receive money transfers from their parents.

Even though the monthly shopping nominal is sufficient, it often runs out quickly due to gambling. The danger is that there are students who dare to play poker using their tuition fees. Instead of winning, they are forced to Stop Out or Drop Out because they don’t pay tuition fees.

4. Shame the Family

Online gambling addicts are the same as drug addicts, namely tarnishing the good name of the family. This certainly makes parents and siblings ashamed of being gossiped about by society. In extreme cases there are families of online gambling addicts who are ostracized by local residents.

When parents and family find out about their actions, their family’s disappointment makes them embarrassed and frustrated so that it is likely that they have committed another bad act with drugs.

5. More Emotional

The addicts of this destructive game tend to have emotional ups and downs (emotional). Remember no gambler is happy that he wins continuously. Usually what happens is only the initial win and the next game you lose until you spend a lot of money.

Psychologically, the impact of winning and losing from gambling affects one’s emotional. Especially for players who have lost in succession until they are owed a debt. This emotionality also carries over into everyday life and harms others. For example, often getting angry, slamming things, saying harsh words, experiencing headaches for no apparent reason.

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Online poker tricks create the illusion of victory

There is a saying “no gambler is rich and continues to profit”. If you want to make a profit, be a gambler, not a gambler or an agent. In online poker winning is just an illusion designed with the following tri-tricks.

  1. The player will win at the beginning of the game. Of course this is addictive. The nominal money obtained from the initial win is not large.
  2. The next few sessions suffered defeats. So, players try hard to get money back with a top-up deposit. The more often you lose, the more filling a deposit doesn’t take into account the contents of your account anymore.
  3. The game only stops after running out of money in the savings account.
  4. Finally, because he ran out of money trying to find a loan to make a living. Unfortunately, when he got a loan he made a mistake and returned to the gambling arena.
  5. During payday, instead of regretting it, depositing a gambling account with optimistic reasons for winning. Without realizing it, the salary received once a month runs out in a pathetic way in the gambling arena.
  6. Finally, you will be even more confused because you run out of payday money. Want to find a loan but family and relatives do not believe it anymore. The only way is to do evil. Gambling addicts do not hesitate to steal motorbikes, pickpockets, and other crimes.

The illusion of victory will not last long and will not make you happy. The average online gambling addict experiences the six cycles above until he finally realizes.

That is how an online poker site can destroy someone’s life. After listening to the description above, are you interested in trying it. It’s best to stay away from all forms of gambling so that your life remains happy and feels safe. Don’t be tempted by the lure of the promised benefits!

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