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Play N Go New Games: Tale of Kyubiko with Asian Theme

Tale of Kyubiko is Play N Go new games. You might want to look away now if you’re looking for the biggest, scariest, meanest, most complicated slot on the block. 

Unfortunately for harsh riders, none of these qualities can be found in Play’n GO’s Tale of Kyubiko. If you prefer to immerse yourself in a well-presented cultural experience while playing a slot with limited but beneficial features, Tale of Kyubiko could be the game for you.

The Tale of Kyubiko is intriguing in many ways, especially since it is based on a made-up (as far as we can tell) story of a nefarious spirit known as Inari who appears before late-night travelers before bringing them to her lair. 

She achieves this by using her shapeshifting ability, which allows her to take on the form of either a human or a fox. The story doesn’t say how she lures people in or what she does to them once they get to her lair. No worries, Inari makes good use of her abilities as a full reel wild in the slot.

Play N Go New Games: Tale of Kyubiko Review

Looking into the title further, the word Kyubiko could be a combination of ‘kyubi,’ a fabled nine-tailed fox, and ‘ko,’ which means child. This interpretation, however, was based on some speculation. 

It could be related to ‘Kuebiko,’ the Shinto god of agriculture, knowledge, and intelligence, who is shown as a sentient scarecrow unable to move. We’ll see if that’s the case, and then we’ll go on.

Although it is difficult to tell from a static image, Tale of Kyubiko is a visually appealing game. On the home page, Play’n GO has created a lovely Asian atmosphere, with pagodas, mountains, and cherry blossoms, while the grid is dotted with a number of attractively animated symbols. The soundtrack is on-theme as well, and the game has an anime vibe to it as well as a classic vibe.

The Symbol and RTP

When 3 matching symbols land across the reels on a basic 33, 5-payline reel set, players win. Tale of Kyubiko is essentially a fruit machine at its core, so it’s safe to say it’s not one of Play’n GO’s big hitters; driven by a medium volatile math model, the studio has given it a 5 out of 10 rating. 

The RTP is varied, ranging from 96.29 percent at default to a downright mean 84.29 percent depending on the market. Any device can be used to see the shapeshifting action, with stakes ranging from ten percent to one hundred percent.

With only 7 regular paying tiles and two wild symbols, the symbols in Tale of Kyubiko are limited to a bare minimum. The first four are low-value card suites that pay out between 0.1 and 0.4 times the stake, followed by three animal characters that pay out between 2 and 8 times the stake. 

Individual mask wilds offer better value, paying 10x the bet when they make a win on their own. However, any of the game’s wilds will substitute for any of the game’s paying symbols.

Tale of Kyubiko Slot Features

A simple three-reel slot can sometimes have a lot more features than you might expect. Tale of Kyubiko, on the other hand, is not one of these games, relying instead on a stacked walking wild to provide the most of the excitement, aided by a progressive multiplier as it wanders around the grid.

1. Inari’s Fortune

Inari is a piled wild that can land partially or completely in view. When Inari lands partially in view, there’s a chance it’ll be shoved to cover the entire reel if a good combo is formed.

2. Inari’s Dance

A free respin is triggered when the Inari stacked wild produces a good combination. Inari goes from her current reel to a new spot between respins. The picture on the wild tracks of Inari’s shapeshifting development from fox to human form is particularly interesting. 

The win multiplier also increases by one step when the wild stack moves. The multiplier values, which range from x2, x5, x10, and x25, are displayed to the left of the reels. The multiplier resets after the respins are finished.

Tale of Kyubiko is a straightforward Play N Go new games, that requires little learning. It’s the type of slot that prioritizes audiovisual enjoyment above hardcore gambling. That sentence should be enough to distinguish people who want to learn Inari’s secrets from those who don’t care. 

Those who are interested will find a visually appealing game that, at times, feels more like watching a breathtaking anime film than playing an judi qq online slot.

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