Gambling is a Sin Scripture

Gambling is a Sin Scripture? What is the reason?

There has been dozens of proof that gambling is a sin scripture. These proofs comes from the old testament, new testament, as well as other types of sources as well. As a Christian, this may confuse you on whether or not gambling is a sin.

It is actually your perspective that matters the most. Usually the gambling activities that are conducted worldwide is not considered as sin. But the things that surrounds it does involve sinning. Take for example when a person drinks and becomes an alcoholic. This becomes a sin.

Or when another person gets drunk or too depressed to do anything.

Currently, the gambling industry is growing very rapidly. And anyone can bet on their cell phone. Perhaps, in the early stages it was not bad.

However, when it becomes addictive, it will harm the perpetrator and the people around him.

Hence at the end he would eventually be sinning. These are some of the examples on why gambling is immoral to begin with. People are against gambling. Not only because gambling is a sin scripture. Instead gambling in general is seen as something that is against the moral values of people.

How Gambling is a Sin Scripture

There are many places in which gambling is seen as a sin. But take for example from the scripture of the christians. We are going to mainly talk about the bible. This kind of depends on how a person would interpret their own actions.

If they get drunk, sleep with girls, and gamble, then they are in a world full of sin. This is because the bible itself does not explicitly mention. Whether or not gambling is a sin, or gambling is a problem to other people.

On the other hand, gambling can be seen as problematic. Morally as well as psychologically. The scripture itself is a bible and it means that a book of wisdom. Gambling can be accepted if it is done in moderation. In other words, people do not compulsively gamble like they are a crack head.

A professor known as K. Anderson mentions that gambling is a sin scripture. To be more specific, he took up a verse straight from the bible. Which is Matthew 10:29. In this part of the scripture, the Bible says that money should not be put on chances. When you gamble, you put your belongings on a probability. Whether or not you win or lose is up to luck.

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How Gambling Only Benefits One Person

God explicitly said that the work of anyone should benefit others. This is taken from Ephipany 4. In which the world of a man should be a benefit or should bring positivity to other people. Instead, gambling may make you win or lose.

One’s win is another man’s loss. This is a spoken truth and fact. When you gamble, you only have a chance to win and lose. Those who won basically is lucky enough to win the sum amount of money. When you win, you are also winning someone else’s money. Those money which had been taken off of a person unfairly. And due to that, any money that is gained from your gambling endeavour is a money that is gained from sin.

What The Scripture Expects From People

Gambling is a sin scripture may say that if you gamble, you are basically sinning. And you may come to think of it as a quick way out. Because after all, a person that gambles can win thousands of dollars in one click.

Although you can win tons of money, there are also plenty of room in which you can lose. To eliminate those losses, you need an honest way to work. This means that you find a job in which it can benefit everyone. A work that is simply not based on chances.

This is the type of work that God envisioned for its people to do. Where one work and the other one will get to pay this person in an honest way. On top of that, you use that money for the betterment of your own family.

Do not spend too much or put anything that prioritizes material. This will turn you into a materialistic person. A materialistic person basically means that you are too focused on materials. Making you the type of person that is unable to have a good spiritual connection with God.

Why Haste is Bad With Money

There are several verses that explains that money comes slowly and with progress. Those who are always expecting quick results will usually not be able to gain as much as they want to. This can be seen in the verses of proverbs.

Wealth is given to those who trusts in God and is ready to fulfill his wisdom. That is why doing God’s work first is always a must. After doing that, then God will give back to you. The term of giving back means that you are bound to receive wisdom with many times over.

Effects of Gambling to Other Sin

Gambling is a sin scripture also shows us that gambling is not the only sin. Gambling can be a sin that leads people to other types of sin. The cycle is kind of unending and will always lead to something worst. With this in mind, you are also able to know how to prevent doing other types of sins.

The other types of sins that we are talking about are such as lying, cheating, drinking, and so much more. When a person gambles, you are exposed to an environment that also creates the worst out of you.

There is no way that you can gamble without having other types of distractions. People even go in debt because of gambling alone. This desperateness will make people do things that they would have not done before.

There has been an increasing rate of cheating as well as lying or criminal actions. When you need more money, you would eventually steal some. These are the things that considers gambling is a sin scripture. That is all about how gambling is problematic and how it is related to gambling is a sin scripture.

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