Indonesian Togel Secrets from Colonial to Millennial Period

Indonesian law stipulates that Togel or Toto Gelap is a criminal act. Involving in this so called illegal lottery activity is punishable by law. So, anyone involved in this one crime will be dragged to prison to spend time there.

However, even though it often disturbs the public, this one type of gambling still haunts people to keep buying and selling it until now. Lottery bookies continue to grow and spread.

But do you know that there is a lottery secret that states that lottery has previously been legalized, aka considered not to violate the law.

In fact, the lottery was managed by a Trusted Togel Bookie by itself with permission from the central and regional governments in an effort to help development. Curious? This is the proof,

The Secret History of Togel in Indonesia

This game was originally known to the public as Toto. You need to know that this toto game has never been banned by the government in the past. It’s even a government sponsored game. At that time, many people thought Toto was just a number guessing game. It’s just like that, this game is known to make gamers addicted.

Most of the fans of this toto game are from the middle to lower class. Without realizing it, this makes the middle and lower class people addicted. Likewise with lottery dealers.

After realizing that many of the middle to lower class people depend on their livelihoods, the local government proposed to issue a regulation on the total elimination of gambling in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the efforts of the local government are considered ineffective because there are still many players who gamble secretly. That is the origin that ultimately made the name too dark because it was made dark or mysterious.

Since there is still controversy over whether or not this lottery game is legal, most of the gambling is done in secret. The more you hunt, the more you hide, the more you like it too. Lottery dealers grow with it.

Colonial Period Togel Secrets

Many think that lottery was born in the era of President Soeharto. Very wrong! Gambling, which is managed by the Trusted Bandar Togel and involves four digit numbers, has actually existed since the Dutch colonial era.

Do not believe? At that time, the existence of lottery became the ‘spice’ of the splendor of Batavia which was the center of government and trade.

At that time the lottery was quite in demand, and even many local residents took part in this gambling. Good player, both as a lottery dealer.

The stopping of the toto lottery occurred when President Soekarno, who was then president, considered this gambling transaction to be very unsettling and not in accordance with the nation’s ideology.

Togel in the Soeharto Era

Before being named dark toto or lottery, this type of gambling was managed by the central and local governments. Namely in 1968, the Surabaya Regional Government sold Lotto which stands for Totalizer Lottery.

At that time, the lottery was held to raise funds for the National Sports Week, aka PON, which was held in 1969.

After the Lotto, there were also KSOB (Sports Contribution Coupon with Prizes) and Nalo (National Lottery).

Then President Soeharto also held another program called SDSB or Social Fund Donations with Prizes. People can buy cards that will be drawn and produce lots of prizes.

Just so you know, the lottery project held by the Indonesian government is a mock project. Indonesia imitated Britain and Singapore who succeeded in doing it.

Actually, what caused this project to not run smoothly was the jamming of funds. The project manager who functions as a lottery dealer is not carrying out his role properly.

Funds from SDSB, which had to be used for the benefit of the community, at that time ended in embezzlement. With funds collected up to 221 billion rupiah, development never happened.

It is even possible that the money was corrupted so that it could not be continued. In the end, MUI stated that lottery was prohibited and could not be done again.

Lottery in the Millennial Era

In the millennial era, lottery is still being done. Usually each collector has one dealer who is used for indifference.

Usually the lotteries in Indonesia use Singapore lottery bookies. So, if in Singapore a certain four-digit number comes out, the lottery buyer will get what has been agreed upon.

The nominal given also varies. For every Rp. 1,000.00 for the winning photo, the buyer will get around Rp. 60,000.00 for double digits.

Furthermore, if Rp. 200,000.00 for three digits and Rp. 2,000,000.00 for four digits the correct number is guessed. The money is usually given in cash to lottery buyers who have succeeded in guessing the next number that comes out.

This is the secret history of lottery from the colonial era to the millennial security we present to you. Hopefully there will be a lot of input and knowledge for you readers. 

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