Process to make civet coffee

Civet coffee as an expensive coffee need long process to produce from its raw material to drinkable coffee with a high standard of scrupulously. The processes are as below 

  1. Pick a truly ripe coffee from their trees (Arabica or robusta).
  2. Selects the coffee, the coffee chosen are coffee with red colour, ripe and fresh.
  3. Washed the coffee with clean water to erase the dirt or pesticide stacked on the bark of coffee.
  4. In the evening, the chosen and cleaned coffee put inside the civets’ cage for minimum at 1-2 kg per day per single civet. These should be accompanied with other fresh and ripe fruits like banana, papaya or others).
  5. The day after in the morning, civet will produce its feces called raw beans.
  6. The feces/raw beans cleaned in the bucket of water with flowing water few times until they are really clean. The floating coffee is throwing away.
  7. After they are clean, the raw beans are dried for about 2-3 days under the sun heat until the level of water become 20%.
  8. After dry enough, the civet coffee’s bark are peeled. Can be used traditional tools until they become green beans.
  9. The green beans dried under the sun heat for 1-2 days till the level of water become 10-12%.
  10. The green beans are roasting afterward till they become roasted beans. There are three types of roasting namely: light roast (cinnamon roast), medium roast (American roast) and lastly is dark roast (Italian or Viennese roast). The roasting process is better using automatically machine to get an evenly and better/perfect shape of coffee’s cooks.
  11. The roasted beans are grinded afterward using a coffee grinder machine till they become powder coffee (grounded beans).
  12. The civet coffee powder (grounded beans) are ready to pack and market.