Some reasons why civet coffee become an expensive coffee

  1. Civet coffee come from best and chosen coffee as civet only eating ripe coffees.
  2. Civet coffee having an enzymatic fermentation process naturally inside the civets’ digestion which can change the chemistry composition and increasing the quality of taste.
  3. Civet coffee have very low caffeine at about 0,4-0,9% (while non civet coffee have caffeine at 10-25%).
  4. It can increase the stamina, smoothing the blood circulation, increasing the memory ability and prevent diabetes. 
  5. It has low protein and higher fat which makes the taste tastier.
  6. Civet coffee is free of pesticides or other dangerous chemical instruments because they don’t eat (seed) coffee which contaminated by pesticides or other dangerous chemical instruments.
  7. Civet coffee produce limited production, although the efforts to increase the production has been done but it still can not fulfill the markets’ need because the production of civet coffee is complicated and need a cooperation from civets themselves which numbers are limited.