Children Can Play Online Games As Long As You Do Not Overdo It, There Are Many Dangers Lurking

Playing in adolescence is highly recommended to stimulate the brain to develop. The impact of playing online games on children is an advantage to stimulate more focused curiosity. But for some parents who pay less attention to their children playing it leads to gambling.

Moreover, the facilities that have been provided to children such as gadgets and laptops make it easier to access the internet. Online gambling site services that have provided various lure will be an interest for teenagers to find out. Passionate curiosity will lead to negative things when you can’t control it.

Playing the QQ online poker game for teenagers that is done excessively will have an impact on him and his future. Excessive in doing the game so that when you fall it will be difficult to stop. The negative impact of playing online games will also affect psychologically, in addition to disturbing the surrounding environment.

Following are the Impacts of Playing Excessive Online Games Among Teens


The cause of playing excessive online gambling games is one of them being constantly addicted to wanting to do it. Playing that makes you happy and feels like you want to keep trying new things will have an impact on continuation periodically. This if left unchecked is not good for him and the environment.

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This addiction will culminate in the child who has joined the online QQ poker game. As a result, it is very difficult to stop playing under the guise of gambling, because the game is increasingly attracting enthusiasts. This bad impact will forget other activities that should be done.

Forgetting the time

Focusing on these games will forget about other activities that should be the obligation of a child and student. Playing online games that are too much will lose track of time, starting from eating, helping parents to learning, will also be disturbed. When you have played and enjoyed it, you will feel that if you are left behind, you will miss the game.

So it is necessary to have the support and motivation of parents to help children so they do not fall into negative things. The development of the internet is now a big task as parents to supervise their children playing their gadgets. Because a lot of content that leads to bad things such as pornography, including playing online QQ poker gambling.

Interferes with Learning

As a student, he has an obligation to study so that when he is at school he can make achievements and make his parents proud. When you have forgotten your duties as a student, you will place your responsibilities as a student. Moreover, you are addicted to playing online gambling, so any things that interfere with the game will be left behind.

Causes of Hostility

Adolescence that should create a wider network in order to benefit from expanding friendships. When you have lots of friends, it will make it easier to interact socially and have benefits when you need something from them. But this can be prevented by excessive playing of the online QQ poker game online.

This will be a trigger for hostility between friends with one another, because between them there is no feeling of giving in. When playing gambling wins, one will feel defeated and want to compete for victory. This is a major influence and trigger of the hostility.

Those are some of the effects of playing online gambling on teenagers which are very detrimental to their future.

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