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The Oldest Poker Card Game in the World

Poker card game is a betting game that uses card media as a playing tool. This game can be found anywhere. Poker cards themselves can be played with or without bets. When playing poker with stakes, it is usually found in various gambling casinos. While poker without betting is used as a means of entertainment only.

The poker card game is widely known and played by many circles. This type of card game knows no age and circle. Be it young and old, the top to the bottom, everyone can play this card game. So do not be surprised if the popularity of poker cards is difficult to fight because there are already so many players.

This poker game uses playing cards as a playing tool. Other card games that are also quite popular are blackjack and dominoes. But both of them are still unable to compete when compared to poker games.

The existence of this poker game has even been raised to various big screens, you know. Poker card games are an important part of a film about gambling. The name poker never runs out of age. This game keeps abreast of the times that exist so that it has managed to exist until now.

With its high level of existence, what is the history of the emergence of poker itself? Since when has the poker card game been in great demand by various groups? Come see the reviews below!

History of Poker Cards

The game of poker is indeed a game that has been known for quite some time. The medium used in poker is rummy cards which consist of 52 cards.

The history of this game emerged when Chinese people played a card game. The card games used at that time were more similar to dominoes than poker cards. Chinese society then made the game as a daily game media and was widely used.

At that time, Chinese society had quite high trading activity. They often come to various surrounding countries to sell their wares. During trading transactions, they also simultaneously spread this game indirectly.

Chinese traders who are waiting for the sale and purchase period will usually play this type of poker card game with the local community. Gradually this game was spread and known in various regions including Indonesia.

The process of transferring information regarding this poker card game is carried out through the actions that occur a lot during the trading process. Although at first this type of poker card game was only intended for aristocrats, but gradually the community also played it simply and with a small stake.

The discovery of evidence that card games were first played in China is an ancient relic that is predicted to appear during the 9th century. The objects found prove that they are familiar with a card game which is also used as a betting tool with a certain value.

Apart from China, the oldest card game that has also appeared is in the territory of Egypt. The shape is almost similar. There, people who play it are also familiar with betting technology. So it is undeniable that this poker card game has long been known in various regions.

The emergence of poker in various countries then in a row blends with the styles of their respective countries. The game of poker was then widely disseminated in America and Europe which had quite a high fan base.

The emergence of Modern Poker Card Games

The game of poker is indeed quite well known and has lasted until now to be played. Even though it has changed, but the essence in it is still the same as before. Poker cards are played by at least two people in order to compete with each other. This card is usually shuffled and then distributed according to the agreed amount.

The existence of technology apparently did not make this poker card game eroded by the times. Poker still exists and continues to adapt to various changes. In fact, the game with this card has undergone many modifications to make it more flexible to be used by various parties.

The emergence of online poker and poker applications shows that the game of poker is not an old game. In fact, the existence of this game on various digital devices can show that poker is adapting well.

The start of the advent of online poker occurred in 1998. The year when many updates about technology occurred. This year, many aspects of technology have begun to penetrate aspects of life, including poker. Poker, which at that time was tested for release in a digital version, turned out to have a high demand.

They were enthusiastic about seeing and playing poker on a website in the 1998’s. At that time, the use of the internet was not as much as it is today. So that when someone can play online poker, it will be a rare item that is very expensive.

Category of Hands in Poker Game

The game of poker is indeed a game that uses hands in determining the strategy. With the number of cards dealt, the hand will arrange the existing cards into an array that has a high value in order to win the match and defeat the opponent.

In playing poker, there are terms used in this category of hands. Some of these categories of hands have several variations in different places. However, in general the following list is most used by many poker players.

Straight Flush

Straigh flush is a hand that contains five cards in sequence. These types of cards must be the same, the suits that appear must be uniform. In some innings, a straight flush is known as a combination of a straight and a flush. For example, in the card you get, you get a card Q ♣ J ♣ 10 ♣ 9 ♣ 8 ♣. Then it can be called a straight flush.

If in a match there are two players who get a straight flush, then the way to determine who wins is by looking at the value printed on the card. The two are then compared to determine who has the highest card value.

Although in some card games A (ace) is known as the card with the highest value, in this mode, Ace has the lowest value. The value obtained on this card is equivalent to only 1 point. The term that is often used is the straight flush five-high (the five highest) or also known as the steel wheel.

In seven cards or poker with a total of seven cards, the ace value can be the highest. This mode is mostly found in Texas Hold ‘em games. The odds of a straight flush in this game are 0.0311% (0.0032% royal flush and 0.0279% not a royal flush, while the frequency of appearance is 41,584 (4,324 royal flush and 37,260 not royal flush).

Four of a Kind

The next hand variation is also referred to as the four of a kind. This variation is a type of hand category in the poker card game, also known as quads. The arrangement of cards can be said to be a four of a kind if there are four cards that have the same value while one is different.

This position shows that the quads with the highest card value can beat the quads that have a value below it if there are two quads in a poker match. One example of quads is 9 ♣ 9 ♠ 9 ♦ 9 ♥ J ♥. In it there are four cards with the same number even though the suits are different.

In a poker card game, if there are two players who get the same number of quads, one of the players must act as the kicker. For example, a player gets a card 7 ♣ 7 ♠ 7 ♦ 7 ♥ J ♥. While the opponent is 7 ♣ 7 ♠ 7 ♦ 7 ♥ 10 ♣. If both are tie and neither can act as kicker then the game is deemed a tie and the prize is halved.

In a five-card poker system, there are a number of 624 cards that can be formed, including four of a kind. The odds of appearing this hand are 0.024 percent of the total cards. Meanwhile, seven-card poker has a four of a kind frequency of 224,848 with a 0.168 percent chance of appearing.

Full House in Poker

The next hand category is full house. Full houses in some places are known as full boats. The hand category in this poker card game is a combination of three of a kind and pairs. So in one hand there are a pair of cards of the same rank and three other cards of the same rank. An example is 3 ♣ 3 ♠ 3 ♦ 6 ♣ 6 ♥.

If two full houses are found in the game, what is seen is the highest score obtained by the player. Meanwhile, if the numbers obtained are the same, then the determining factor in seeing the victory is the pair, for example there is a card 5 ♥ 5 ♦ 5 ♠ Q ♥ Q ♣, beating 5 ♣ 5 ♦ 5 ♠ J ♠ J ♦. This is because the Q value is higher than J.

Another term that says a full house is also known as three full of pair. If there is the same Q in a full house, it can also be referred to as “Queens full of nines”, “Queens over nines”, or “Queens full”.

In one game of five cards of poker, there is a chance of cards appearing 3,744 with a 0.1441 percent chance of appearing a full house. Whereas for a game with seven cards, the probability of emergence is 3,473,184 with a 2.60 percent chance of appearing.

Flush hand category

The next hand category in poker card games is flush. Flush occurs when in a stack of cards have the same suit with non -sequential values. For example Q ♣ 10 ♣ 7 ♣ 6 ♣ 4 ♣. If in one game there are two flushes, then each card will be compared just like a high card.

The way to arrange cards in a flush is to arrange them by starting from the highest card to the lowest. In a five-card poker game there are 5,148 possible flushes and 40 straight flushes. Meanwhile, the frequency of appearance was 0.196 percent.

As for games using seven cards, the probability of a flush will appear is 4,047,644, with a frequency of around 3.03 percent.

Straight Hand Arrangement

The next category is straight. Straight is a type of card arrangement consisting of five cards of consecutive value with different suits, for example Q ♣ J ♠ 10 ♠ 9 ♥ 8 ♥. There are at least two different types of suits in straight.

When in a game there are two players who get a straight, then the way to determine the winner is by looking at which number is the highest. If both players each have exactly the same value, then this poker card game is declared a draw or tie so that the pot is divided into two.

Straight is arranged starting from the highest number. If it starts with a value of ten then the term is “ten-high straight” or “straight to the ten”. If it starts with an Ace it is called an ace-high straight (also known as a “broadway” or “royal straight”). If a straight starts with a K, it is a king-high straight.

The odds of a straight appearing in five-card poker are 10,240, with 40 straight flushes, the odds of a straight (excluding straight flushes) are 0.39 percent. Meanwhile, a game of poker with seven cards has the possibility of appearing 6,180,020, with a chance of about 4.62 percent.

Three of Kind

The categories of hands known in poker card games are three of a kind. The order that is formed in this game contains three cards of the same value. Three of kind is also known as trips or set. An example of three of kind is 2 ♦ 2 ♠ 2 ♣ K ♠ 6 ♥. Here there are cards of the same value, which are two as many as three.

If in a game there are three of a kind of the same, then the way to determine it is to see which card has the highest value. In a five-card poker game, there is a three of a kind chance of 54,912 with an turnout frequency of 2.11 percent.

Meanwhile, for the cards totaling seven cards, there were as many as 6,461,620 cards with a frequency of 4.83 percent.

High Card atau No Pair

In the arrangement of hand categories in poker card games, there is a term called high card or no pair. This arrangement occurs when the five cards arranged do not have the same value, do not have the same suit, and are not consecutive, for example K ♥ J ♥ 8 ♣ 7 ♦ 4 ♠.

If in this condition there are two players who get the high card, then the way to determine the winner is to compare which card has the highest value. High cards in the world of poker are also called “nothing” or “garbage” because they don’t have high scores like other hand arrangements.

The final word

The prototype of this online poker site unfortunately did not last long. Due to the large number of visitors and enthusiasts, the server of this online poker game has been down and several times crashed. As a result, the developer had to shut down the site in 1999 for repairs.

Shortly after this incident, many parties then appeared to develop online poker games on various sites. With many companies trying to penetrate online poker, making online poker even more popular in the market compared to regular poker in general.

Have a nice play.

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