Types of civet produce civet coffee

Civet or in latin known as Paradoxurus hermaphrodites is a mammal also as a carnivore which consume meat and fruits. Civets are also part of nocturnal animal which live actively search for food at night. In English, civet is known as common palm civet, common musang, house musang or toddy cat.

Hence, based on these types of civets there are two types of coffee produced by. Firstly, civet coffee produced by wild civets and secondly is civet coffee produced by inmate civet. Wild civets live in a free habitat or outside the cage and search for food at its habitat, and hence in order to get this type of civets’ feces people need to search to the place where the civets live which is nearby the coffee plantation. On the other hand, the inmate civets are type of civets which intentionally caught up and managed to inmate them to get its feces. Moreover, not all types of civet can produce good quality of civet coffee, those of them can produce good quality of civet coffee are pandan civets and bulan (Vivericulla Malaccensis) civet while those which produce less quality civets coffee are Rase civets and Binturong civets (Archictis binturong).